Ball Heads

Explorer Ball Heads are designed to be lightweight while maintaining maximum strength and durability.  We have a range of ball heads to provide stability for cameras of all sizes from mobile phones through to compact cameras, APS-C, full frame mirrorless and DLSR, medium format and larger video cameras. Use Explorer ball-heads in many situations including studio sessions, macro photography, architectural photography, landscape photography and more with compatibility across many industry standard tripods and other mounting platforms.

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A monopod may be the perfect solution when you need some extra support but don't have the time or space to set up a full tripod. Often found in the kit of a professional sport or wildlife photographer, monopods are the perfect balance between carrying weight and the support they can provide. For sports or wildlife or photographers, a monopod allows shooting at slower shutter speeds than they would usually attempt handheld and can be the difference between capturing the perfect shot or missing it. Making the monopod a great item to have in the photography kit.

Monopods can be set up in seconds, and feature easy-to-operate leg locks to adjust to the perfect height, a rubber or spike for the perfect support on different surfaces, and a standard tripod mount so a tilt head or ball head can be added if required.

Shooting with a heavy lens or camera and need to take a quick break, a monopod is the perfect lightweight solution for support to take that break.

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