L Brackets

Explorer L-Brackets are made from high quality CNC machined aluminium with a hard anodised finish for longevity and durability. Our L-brackets come in custom fitted versions to fit specific camera models, or universal L-brackets designed to fit a wide range of cameras. Each bracket has anti-slip rubber padding to reduce both friction and slippage and to protect your camera body from scratches.

The ability to quickly change the orientation of your camera is one of the biggest advantages when using an L bracket over a standard quick release mounting plate. This can provide multiple options for compositions while still maintaining balance and even weight distribution on a tripod.

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A monopod may be the perfect solution when you need some extra support but don't have the time or space to set up a full tripod. Often found in the kit of a professional sport or wildlife photographer, monopods are the perfect balance between carrying weight and the support they can provide. For sports or wildlife or photographers, a monopod allows shooting at slower shutter speeds than they would usually attempt handheld and can be the difference between capturing the perfect shot or missing it. Making the monopod a great item to have in the photography kit.

Monopods can be set up in seconds, and feature easy-to-operate leg locks to adjust to the perfect height, a rubber or spike for the perfect support on different surfaces, and a standard tripod mount so a tilt head or ball head can be added if required.

Shooting with a heavy lens or camera and need to take a quick break, a monopod is the perfect lightweight solution for support to take that break.

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