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Aura Explorer Mini Ballhead – AX-01

The Explorer AX-01 Aura Explorer Mini Ball Head is a lightweight mini ball head with a shoe mount that allows accessories to be mounted to a camera, video setup, quick release plate, or a small tabletop tripod. Weighing just 100 grams the Explorer Mini Ball Head is perfect for mounting LED fill lights, microphones or other accessories to the hot shoe of the camera while allowing full movement of the ball head for perfect directional placement.

Epic Explorer Ballhead

The Explorer EX-M Epic Explorer Medium Ball Head is the perfect lightweight ball head comprising of a hollowed out body and ball socket designed to minimise size and weight at just a total of 276g (9.7oz) while maximising strength, durability and load capacity at 15kg (33lbs). This makes the EX-M Epic Explorer suitable for supporting larger telephoto lenses while being compact enough to carry and use with camera bodies and lens combinations of all sizes.

Travel Explorer Pro Ballhead – TX-PRO

Save weight in your photography kit while traveling or hiking without compromising on quality or functionality with the Explorer TX-01 Travel Explorer Ball Head. The lightweight CNC machined aluminium alloy design weighs a total of 138 grams while supporting up to 5kg of gear – enough support and stability for larger camera bodies with telephoto lenses such a 70-200mm from most major manufacturers – and still compact enough to make it convenient to carry.

Gravity Explorer Ballhead – GX-01

The Explorer GX-01 Gravity Explorer Ball Head is designed to be as compact and portable as possible while supporting up to 5kg of gear on an ARCA compatible mounting clamp. A dual action knob secures the provided Explorer EX-37 quick release plate and acts as the panning release to shoot 360° panoramic images. Quick adjustments to composition and positioning can be made through the inverted ball head design.

Gravity Explorer Table Top Tripod Kit – GX-KIT

Ensure you have a stable, compact, lightweight and portable platform for your camera anywhere you travel with the Explorer GX-Kit Gravity Explorer Table Top Tripod Kit. The GX-KIT table top tripod is perfect to stabilise DSLR cameras, mirrorless camera, compact camera and well as other accessories up to 3kg (6.6lbs). The carbon fibre leg tubing provides high strength and stability while weighing just 408g (14.4oz).

Vertical Explorer Universal L-Bracket – VX-UN

The Explorer VX-UN Vertical Explorer Universal L Bracket is designed to fit DSLR / Mirrorless cameras to provide flexibility between horizontal and vertical shooting positions and to help maintain balance through the center column of a tripod. The CNC machined aluminum design has been finished with a black anodized coating for durability and weighs just 99g (3.5oz). The VX-UN is fully compatible with is compatible with both Arca-type and Really Right Stuff lever clamp. 

Vertical Explorer R5 / R6 L-Bracket – VX-R5

The Explorer VX-R5 Vertical Explore L Bracket for Canon EOS R5 / R6 mirrorless full-frame cameras is a custom-designed L bracket allowing you to quickly change the orientation of your camera from horizontal to vertical mounting positions while maintaining a center of balance through the middle of the tripod. The Explorer VX-R5 is a single-piece CNC machined aluminum alloy bracket with an anodized finish for durability.


The Explorer AX-RGB AuraRGB is a lightweight, compact and bright LED photography and videography RGB light. With 8 different modes, including Orange light, Color temperature, RGB color, Lava lamp, Lightning flash, Warning light, and Creative scene mode, the AX-RGB creates many settings to get creative. The LED features a frosted surface that outputs soft, even light, with precision adjustments for power output and creative presets under each mode.

AX-LED915 AuraLED 915

The Explorer AX-LED915 AuraLED 915 is a lightweight, compact and bright LED photography and videography fill light. With 128 high-quality LEDs providing 915 Lumens at max brightness, the fill light is perfect for lighting a still photography scene, making the perfect video conference or Zoom light while being powerful and compact enough for demanding portable video work. The LED features a frosted surface that outputs soft, even light with fine gradual adjustments for power output and color temperature in the range 3000K-5500K (+/- 300).


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